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5 tips to prepare yourself for an interview

It is better to consider following things well before an interview.

1. Prepare well ahead

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, says Benjamin Franklin.

So preparation is must for anything. It should be started at least before an year. Why before an year? Human mind does not remain constant. It tends to change always. So it is necessary to fix our mind to a single area. This long period helps to focus even though there occurs any deviations.

2. Know your skills

Everyone is not good at everything. Though we may be interested in knowing all things that we hear, it is good to be aware of them but we cannot provide the best in all.

Bible says “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.” [From the book of Matthew].

So is the case here, while concentrating on one field, it is difficult to provide the best on the other.

Self-analysis is must here. We must know which is the right thing that is suitable for us. The domain which we select should create interest not for the time being but for the long period. Though we like all, better pick the right one that our mind likes. Beware wrong selection always leads to distress.

3. Research for the right job

Once the area of interest is known and fixed on our mind, it is the time to research for next step. Search for the company that provides the best job matching your skill. Research about the company and the environment. Choose what is best for you. It should match all your criteria like salary, job location, learning curve in the company [learning need not stop with that, it is good to learn something till our last breath].

4. Focus on the company

Once the company is chosen. Research more about the company. Fix your goal towards that company alone. Try only for that and forget about rest, which means you are going to aim for only one company which you concluded as the best one and going to attend interview only in that company and you are going to be employed in it.

As we research for the best match for us, so as the company wants the best candidate to perform their job efficiently. If possible, create contact with the experienced workers of that company. Beware of freshers, they project their own view about it till they are used to with the company. Shape yourself to match to the requirements of the company.

5. Prepare for the requirements

Company cannot change for a single person’s requirement. It is the candidate who needs to adapt with the environment. Basic requirement which every company requires are:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Leadership ability
  3. Ability to collaborate with others
  4. Ability to learn things and execute the plans
  5. Strategic planning

Add these tips to your list and win your future! May God Bless You!


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