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Few keys for successful and happier life

Its everyone’s desire to achieve something in this world. But the world that we live is a competitive one. To accomplish something, one has to compete with many. Before competing with others, it is necessary to compete with self. Competing with self here means, challenge yourself to do better than your previous attempt. Just beat your own records. Simply do the best you can. Never get satisfied with your achievements.

How can you be successful? How to be happy?

Be enthusiastic

World is a combination of thrill with excitement. Keep yourself sensitized to it and never let yourself dull. Enthusiasm cannot live in a dull and unhealthy mind. Entire university is in harmony with the vibrations from God. You are bombarded with millions of vibrations from objects surrounding you. They strike upon you and you respond to them. Enthusiasm is an important factor in the vibratory pattern of life. It has the power to keep your surroundings in the mood you are.

In a sport, every player keeps encouraging other players through some conversations. A dull player gains momentum through enthusiasm. Player gets enthused by other player and the cheering crowd. When we are enthused, our surroundings look happy and in turn creates happiness in us.

Never get discouraged by the failures. Failures are stepping stones for success. They teach the way to move forward with deep lessons. Accept failures and self-motivate yourself. Busy world has no time to spare to motivate you nor encourage you. Cultivate the enthusiasm in yourself that helps you to achieve success.

Be positive

Norman Vincent Peale in his Stay alive all your life book says,

When you take into your mind the thought of impossibility, you tend to create the conditions of impossibility.

You can make your life what you want it to be through the thought you have and the way you declare it. Have the belief in you, faith in God and faith in faith. Positive declaration is one of the source to keep you enthusiastic.

When people negate with your ideas, have some time to think about it from a different dimension. If it does not make sense for you, then ignore them. World expects creativity, but it discourages the people who initiate. Once you achieve it, and your idea becomes success you will be the winner!

When things go unplanned and out of your hands, don’t get discouraged instead just declare that “God has some different plans for me!”. Our thoughts make things happen. When you think something is possible it would be possible. When you think something is impossible it would be impossible.

When the fact is communication can’t happen between two people separated by a huge distance, Alexander Graham Bell thought that it would be possible and he made it possible. Someone thought on creating a virtual character before you are possible and it was made possible (Augmented reality). So all inventions were invented only by having a positive thought. If not, we would be still living a life which our early men lived.

Be yourself

Never compare your achievements with others, but make your comparisons only with yourself. Tell to yourself, “Let me be the best in the area where I am”. Whatever be the position you are, provide your best. When you feel exhausted after all possible trials and efforts, leave things to God who finishes perfectly. In such cases, the result will not be what you desired but the one which will be best for you.

You can get ideas from people who have achieved something, but imagining to become like that person will just leave you to the position where they are. It is good to follow their path, but it is bad to be only in their path. God created every individual with unique talents. You have something to achieve by yourself. Find out the unique talent in you and portrait yourself.

You are the only person who can be like yourself. If you try to become like someone then who can be like you? Stay yourself! Enjoy being yourself!!

Be bold

Struggles are common to man. Everyone born in this world has some kind of struggles. It is necessary for every human to face the struggle to shape oneself. Take every situation to your favor. Face the struggle boldly and never give up. God knows your strength and your weakness that he will not allow more struggles than what you can bear.

Planning is more important, be clear about your plans and give priority to it. Where there is no plan, there things can’t be done bold. Hesitation prevents us from achieving something in spite of having plans. Try to get rid of those barriers.

Be respectful

Remember world is not a battlefield where you have to slay your opponent to get victory. World is not made just for you, it is for all who are born in it. Where there is more than one mind, it is quite natural for controversies. But make sure to respect others. It is not right to downgrade others for achieving something.

Remember the story of Abraham and Lot where Abraham was the main character called by God, but still when there was a quarrel between his servants and servants of lot, Abraham said to Lot “Let’s not have any quarreling between you and me, or between your herders and mine…if you go to the left, I’ll go to the right; if you go to the right, I’ll go to the left.” (Genesis 13:8).

Respect everyone in this world. Respect comes when you love every humans as you would love yourself. Never degrade or downgrade others. Everyone is created by God as you are. There would be no happiness than showing gratitude and complimenting others in their achievements.


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