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The desire of a man is his kindness
Proverbs 19:22

God expects us to do good to others. When Jesus was living with us, he was doing good for everyone. He not even did good to those who loved him but he rendered healing to a servant of the high priest who came to arrest him when he was struck on his right ear that was cut down. Likewise, we are expected to do good to others; God calls this as kindness.

(For Tamil Version – தமிழ் பதிப்பிற்கு)

Kindness without expectation

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.
Philippians 2:4

This verse explains

Kindness – Showing love and compassion to others
Kindness – Doing good deed to others without expectation

Without saying, “what good will I get doing good to others” or “what profit am I going to receive out of rendering help to others” show kindness.

Kindness is helping an old person in crossing the road. Kindness is giving hand to a person who is lifting heavy weight. Giving food to the needy, sharing God’s word to sick & orphaned people, orphaned children and old aged people, and spending some time with them is also a part of showing fruit of kindness.

We can’t get back anything from them in return. Some may say “Thanks!”. But result of this act is happiness in our heart. Yes, God expects us so!

Kindness without considering self

We read the action of Jehoiada in II Chronicles 22 and 23. When Athaliah murdered all princes and doing acts which was evil in the sight of God, without seeing the self, for the benefit of nation, Jehoiada courageously took, hid, raised and enthroned Joash as King after the death of Athaliah. There was no good for him personally, but he risked his life for the benefit of the nation. If his act was known to Athaliah, he would have been hanged to death. But he never cared those. This is also a sort of kindness.

In many cases, we step aside of situations. Though we see smugglers, or thieves doing illegal acts, we never bother, we go as if we haven’t noticed that event. We are feared on getting injured or to answer the questions to police. At such situations, we must submit ourselves to God and with the help of God we should act boldly. He will take care of rest.  When we act cautiously and at right time, we can save others from getting loss or getting into trouble of getting theft.

At these last days, love is getting depreciated and selfishness overrules. We could see in the news how people act when a person is being murdered brutally who keep watching the incident without stopping or saving appropriate ones. No one comes forward to block the incident. But in this generation, God expects kindness.

With what measure we show kindness to others, God shows kindness using the same measure!


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