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Change order of migration in Laravel

When tables are migrated in Laravel with foreign key checks, MySQL doesn’t allow us to create a foreign key reference to the parent table from the child table without parent table being created. Sometimes, when we create migrations, we would have ended up creating a child table before a parent table is created. But still, there is a way to change the order of execution of table migrations.

Method 1: Changing the timestamps

Consider users table has a foreign key reference to profiles table. But unfortunately, you end up creating users table first and then profiles table. So your migrations folder will have following structure:


Just change the timestamp of both the files:


Now the profiles table is created first and then the users table.

Method 2: Create separate migration for foreign key

After creating two tables in any order, say:


Then create a new migration file


Fill your up and down functions:

public function up()
   Schema::table('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

public function down()
   Schema::table('users', function(Blueprint $table)

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