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How books can open your mind

Enjoyed this TED Talk:
How books can open your mind by Lisa Bu

Lisa Bu, who wanted to become Chinese Opera Singer, lacked support from adults. She took books as her companion. According to her, from the books she read, she satisfied her hunger, found her role model, learned to be efficient and even traveled abroad to read some books which was banned in China.

There, Holy Bible gave her an epiphany to Honor mother and father from the fifth commandment. She started her habit of comparative reading, reading books in two languages.

From her experience, books –

  • Gave a magic portal to connect with people of the past and present
  • Never feel lonely or powerless
  • Learn shattered dream is nothing when compared to what others have suffered
  • Coming true is not the only purpose of a dream
  • Important purpose is to get in touch with
    • Where dreams come from
    • Where passion comes from
    • Where happiness comes from

So may books be always with you!


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