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Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?

Enjoyed this TEDx Talk:
Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard? by Jon Jandai at TEDxDoiSuthep

Jon shares how life is easy and we do not know how to make it easy since we always make it complicated.

He shared,

  • How he left, hard 8 hours of work life in Bangkok and made himself free for 10 months an year still feeding his 6 member family and making profit out of 2 months work and a 15 minute daily activity.
  • How he is free from 30 years of debt still building multiple houses for himself.
  • How get rid of buying expensive jeans still getting his daily clothes for free.
  • How he doesn’t care at the people who look at him as abnormal since it wasn’t his fault. It’s their fault, they think like that.

Facts and quotes:

  • Why do we need to follow fashion? Because, when we follow fashion, we never catch up with it, because we follow it. So, don’t follow it, just stay! Every time I look the mirror, I am the same person. Use what you have.
  • Sickness is something to remind us that we did something wrong in our lives. So, when I get sick, I need to stop and come back to myself. And think about what wrong I did.
  • I’m a unique person on this Earth, nobody like me, I don’t need to make myself like anybody else. I’m the number one.
  • Save seed, seed is food, food is life. If there is no seed, no life. No seed, no freedom. No seed, no happiness. Because your life depends on somebody else.
  • Four basic needs: food, house, clothes and medicine. These must be cheap and easy for everybody, that’s the civilization. But, if you make these four things hard and very hard for many people to get, that’s uncivilized.
  • We make life harder and harder. We make it hard for whom? We work hard for whom right now? Be a normal person. To be a normal person, be equal to animals. They build their house in a night or in day or two. But we humans take 30 years to have a house and many people can’t believe that they can have a house in this life.
  • Anybody wants to have a choice, can have a choice. The choice to be easy or to be hard, it depends on you.



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