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Being a great leader

Leadership is the skill that is born into a human by birth. Still some develop by perceiving others. Constant learning is part and parcel of our life. Following are some of the thoughts for being a great leader to your team:

  1. Do not impose your thoughts on your team members
    You should understand that every individual has a unique talent of their own. Let them come with their own thoughts before you impose something on them.
  2. Team members are not slaves
    Slaves are different from team members. They are to be treated like humans with their own rights. You are to manage them to achieve the goal, not rule them.
  3. Handle everyone with care
    Some members are stones, some are glass and some are just flowers. Everyone needs to be treated accordingly. Leader should ensure that there are no conflicts within the team or even with them. When there is a conflict, stones will break the glass and crush the flowers.
  4. Encourage team members as much as you can
    Appreciating your team members will boost their productivity. Keep motivating them for every small achievement. Never degrade or ridicule.

    Just because you know something does not mean your team member should have already known that. Good leader makes their team member aware of it not ridicule them!

  5. Project team members more than yourself
    Team members win, you win. This is again a part of encouraging your team members. Projecting them will make them move forward in their life a step ahead. Remember, you are a leader now, because someone did project you and helped you grow. (Do you say, no one projected me, I grew of my own after heavy struggles? Well, you know the pain right? Don’t let your team member struggle with such pain.)
  6. Let members act independently but make them aware of your goal
    Every member is gifted with unique talents, let them achieve the goal in their own way. All you have to do is, make them aware of the goal, teach them a way how to achieve (which you know), but never force them to achieve only in that way. Let them come up with their own thoughts. When their path is longer than what you suggested, they will be experienced with multiple ways and the optimized one. When their path is shorter than what you suggested, you learn the optimized one.
  7. Don’t act like a leader, mingle with team member
    Never get isolated from your team members. More you are isolating yourself, less you are aware of your team members. Mingle with them, let them be open to you. Be friendly with them. Don’t show your hierarchical height within your team.
  8. Let world identify you, not by yourself
    Do not take pain to reveal the world that you are a leader. Let the world identify you from your activity and your contribution towards your team.

Here’s some more:

  1. Listen carefully, understand clearly, slow to anger
  2. Have vision and values for your team
  3. Be honest and act wisely
  4. Handle conflict efficiently
  5. Create a productive atmosphere
  6. Mange responsibilities – Things to take on you, things to delegate to others
  7. Be an example
  8. Believe in you and your team members
  9. Be a reader and a learner
  10. Think and do things differently

One act that Jesus did summarizes all:

Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant (Matthew 20:26 NLT)

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