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Why tech needs the humanities

Enjoyed this TED Talk:
Why tech needs the humanities by Eric Berridge

Eric Berridge, a co-founder of global consulting agency and a Salesforce strategic partner Bluewolf, an IBM Company, expresses his views on humanities offer skills that are becoming increasingly valuable to the success of business everywhere.

According to him,

  1. Today’s Technologists are incredibly intuitive.
  2. Number two, the skills that are imperative and differentiated in a world with intuitive technology are the skills that help us to work together as humans.

He brings in, how the world currently focuses – like, the entire soccer team chasing the ball into the corner, because that’s where the ball is. Which implies, we shouldn’t overvalue a particular stream (STEM Education) which appears to be trending.

His views that I liked (or, I already have in mind):

  1. Encourage everyone to be whatever they want to be.
  2. Diversity shouldn’t end with gender or race. We need a diversity of backgrounds and skills, with introverts and extroverts and leaders and followers.

This has been in me for long time:

  1. Life is like a wheel, nothing stays at top always, it has to come down at one stage
  2. When everyone opt for the same position which appears to be top – may be a software engineer, who will be a doctor then, who will be farmer then – at least to feed those engineers and doctors?
  3. Those who opt for the one that is doing great at current time, then they do not have the long time vision

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