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Think out of bounds

Two out of three windows in my room was open, middle window with thick wooden border remained closed. When I was reading Bible, heard a buzzing sound. I saw a small fly constantly trying to get out of the room through the middle window. It was circulating around the translucent window for long time. Whenever it touched the border, it took its route back. It couldn’t until that middle window was opened.


Fly had a great aim – it has to go out of the room. It tried, tried and tried, but in the same window. It didn’t change its mind when it was unable to do so. In fact, it hadn’t any interest to try for other options as an alternative approach.
We, when we are set with a goal, we try to achieve that goal in the way that we think that can be achieved. When we are assigned with a task, we blindly proceed to complete a task. When there is a block, we try, try and try. In the interest of trying in a single way, we forget to think of any other option, an alternative way to achieve.

Step Back

Had the fly came a feet behind, to its eye other two windows would have been visible. It might have taken an alternative path to go out.
When we are stuck with a problem, we need to step back – take a walk, enjoy a cool breeze, talk with your friends. Distract yourself from the scene, let your mind become fresh. Then, have a broader view of the problem that you face. Forget the path that you tried, think of alternative ways or other options – even it is not worthy.


Now, with a fresh mind, with alternative paths, think which would be a better one, then act.

Sometimes, we should think out of a boundary that we set to ourselves. That would provide some broader picture of what we thought is narrow. There might be some way filled with treasures!