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Salesforce Apex : Dynamic SOQL Querying with uncertain relationship

Queries that involve complex relationship can be handled easily using List Methods.

Say, the query is something like this

List sobjectList = new List([SELECT GrandParent__r.Parent1__r.Id, GrandParent__r.Parent2__r.Name, GrandParent__r.Parent3__r.customField__c FROM SObject__c]);

When you want to check the Parent field, but using variable, you can use getSObject() and get() list methods:

String Parent = 'Parent2';
String field = 'Name';
System.debug(sbojectList[0].getSObject('GrandParent__r').getSObject(Parent + '__r').get(field));

This is equal to selecting like:


Following way is also allowed:

System.debug(sbojectList[0].GrandParent__r.getSObject(Parent + '__r').get(field));

But not like this:

System.debug(sbojectList[0].getSObject('GrandParent__r').getSObject(Parent + '__r').Name;


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