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Building a psychologically safe workplace

Enjoyed this TEDx Talk: Building a psychologically safe workplace by Amy Edmondson

Amy Edmondson, talks on building psychological safety – a belief to speak up with concerns, questions, ideas or mistakes and is absolutely acceptable.

Usually, there is a workplace silence when and where a voice is absolutely necessary and helpful. This she calls that most prefer to look smart and helpful but not get exposed as ignorant, incompetent, intrusive or negative. For which, Amy suggests three simple things we can do:

  1. Frame the work as a learning problem and not an execution problem
  2. Acknowledge our own fallibility
  3. Model curiosity – ask a lot of questions

According to her, we need people to bring their absolute full selves to the challenging jobs by which she hopes will help the workplaces a learning, becoming their full and most contributing selves.

Here is the recording:

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