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Be An Impact Maker Wherever You Are

A pinch of salt enhances the flavor of the food we eat. You need not be a big influencer or a big player or a big head to create an impact. Be it work or fun, wherever you are, change the situation, change the people, change everything!

Avoid being defensive

Staying safe within your comfort zone never helps you nor your surroundings to grow. Break the line that you virtually created, burst the bars that you have set before you, come out for the play. Be ready to make an impact, create, use.

Opportunity never come and wait every time, grab it when you see. Being hesitant will let other one to override you, then you have to beat the overridden before you can win. Do not stop right there, drop the opportunity for the others once you achieve and pull out the next. Never be a safe player, come out of your comfort zone and…

Be Vulnerable

No safe-playing! Take the risk, be courage enough, break the spears with the swords.

Often I see people playing a safe game in reality, I would suggest you to consider the place where we are – a battlefield surrounded by the armed soldiers. When we are silent, when we try to safeguard ourselves, at a point we lose without the attack. Start attacking when you have strength, safeguard and resist only when you have to regenerate your power.

Play the vital role where you are, be vulnerable, be pro-active, take charge, speak-up, fight, build, at the end provide the results. Being silent would never put us on top. You should be able to make the…

Positive Impact

The impact which you make out of being vulnerable should be positive. Results may vary when we are vulnerable. For the positive outcomes, people around you cheer with you (sometimes, they ignore you, and start their celebration). When the outcomes are negative, all fingers point you, people look at you weird. But I would rather say, when you had clear determination, never fear about the outcomes, rather create a cloud of positivity, no bad result is an end result, it is just a beginning for a different start.

Never Give Up, Try, Try, Try, until you make the positive impact.

What’s the Target?

To make an impact, you need a target. Targeting the self-fame or the reward just deviates you from your determined path. When you are up to make some positive impact, keep targeting the goal. While you near your goal, if possible, try extending it until it has a higher impact. When you start thinking of the self-fame on your way, then you are at the most failing to achieve your goal.

Think above and beyond

Not a teller, be a builder

The book, Built to Last had this: ‘Having a great idea or being a charismatic visionary leader is “time telling”; building a company that can prosper far beyond the presence of any single leader and through multiple product life cycles is “clock building.”’

It would be always pleasure when people depend on you, get suggestions from you, but I say, for the long run, you get weary of guiding all repeatedly and you leave the people narrow minded, they research less and always look for you. You invest on the people, but you see no fruit on them. Instead share the knowledge, let the people think, be a solution guider not a solution giver. Even in your absence, people should be able to perform.

No reward expectation – if you are to make an impact!

Some never praise you, nor give thanks to you, but in their hearts you have made an impact – you grew taller as others grew together.

Wherever you are…

  • Do things differently that sets you unique out of the crowd
  • Do things differently that is highly unexpected
  • Do things differently that projects you less but your activity is spoken eternal
  • Look for the newer opportunities
  • Look for the growth of everyone
  • Look for the humbleness and being modest

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