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Salesforce: Round Robin Assignment Rule

Now, you can write assignment rule for any standard or custom object. You can assign ownership of a record to a user or a queue in a round robin fashion. Do you have custom owner field for your object? You can even assign a user or a queue to your custom field.

With this package, you can utilize this customized Round Robin Assignment Rule:

1. Install this in your Salesforce Org:

2. Upon Installation, select MST RR Assignment App from the App Launcher Menu you could see this as the Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

3. New Assignment Rule can be created by providing a Rule Name, Object’s API Name. Check the Active checkbox to let this customized assignment rule execute and optionally enter API of the owner field.

4. Create a Rule Entry and provide the value for the Sort Order. Leave the Filter Logic field for now.

5. On clicking the Rule Entry, you get option to add Rule Criteria. Enter the API of the field name, Operator and the Value. You can add multiple Rule Criteria.

6. Now, once all the Rule Criteria is setup, you can now setup the Filter Logic in the Rule Entry. You can leave this empty when you want the Rule Criteria to execute using AND Logic by default.

7. You can add Users or Queues under Users related list under Rule Entry Object. Enter the Name of the User or Queue to which you need to assign. Set the Priority that decides the order of assigning users when the Round Robin logic gets executed.

8. Now copy the caller code to the object’s trigger to invoke the rule. You can either copy from the last step in the Welcome Screen. It would be something like this:


That’s all, the steps are setup completely. Now, these rules gets triggered

Here is the final look after the customization:

Sample setup for a custom Employee object
First Rule Entry
Second Rule Entry

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