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LWC Specialist Superbadge : Challenge 6 Guide

This is not a complete solution for challenges, but will guide you when you are stuck! Read the superbadge page completely. Most of the challenges are interlinked and the text is not in the same order of the challenge.

For other challenges, visit the Guide to Challenges.

Challenge 6: Customize the component boatMap

Open boatMap component that was installed as part of the installed package.


  • Declare the three constants mentioned in the superbadge page, import the basics.
  • Initialize the MessageContext using the wire method, and wire the wiredRecord method.
  • Add subscribe method to the connectedCallback (Read the doc: Lightning Message Service)
    • Remember to add Application Scope (events dispatched from anywhere in the application)
    • Use subscribeMC method. Do not add the subscription code separately. (Otherwise challenge doesn’t validate 😢)
  • Push the Latitude and longitude to the mapMarkers variable in the updateMap method.

If you get this error:

We can’t find the correct decorator for the recordld getter and setter in the component boatMap JavaScript file. Make sure the component was created according to the requirements, using the proper case-sensitivity.

Make sure you have getter and setter ready for the recordId

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