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Marketing Cloud : File Transfer Activity in Automation Studio

File Transfer activity in the Automation Studio is used to securely transfer files between the file locations – Safehouse and FTP Locations. Read more to know the how to create the activity and manage the files.

Create a File Transfer Activity

  1. Navigate to Automation Studio > Activities tab.
  2. Create a new Activity by clicking the Create Activity button.
  3. In the pop-up window, select File Transfer and Next:


  1. Fill out the Name and Description (optional)
  2. For the File Action, you have two options:
    1. Manage File: Unzip and/or decrypt a file found in the Marketing Cloud’s Enhanced FTP directory.
    2. Move a File from Safehouse: Use a safehouse location to import decrypted files into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud without exposing these files in the Enhanced FTP Site Import directory. Safehouse locations reside on highly redundant, highly available central storage servers and are only accessible by authenticated users. Data retention policies default to retaining files for 21 days before deletion.


  1. Enter the file name you want to fetch. To make it dynamic, you can utilize any of the following wildcard specifiers:
Personalization StringWildcard Specifier

Mostly, File Transfer Activity will be clubbed with other activities. In order to use the same name that is being provided by the earlier or the prior activity, you can even use Substitution Strings (to reuse the trigger file in a subsequent step of a file drop automation) like:

  1. You would see Destination or the Source File Location based on the File Action that you selected in the prior properties page. You can create FTP locations in Marketing cloud under Setup > Data Management > FTP Accounts. You can use this guide to set it up.
  2. Click Next
  3. Review the Summary page and click Finish.

Now the File Transfer Activity is created. You can use this in the Automation Studio.

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