7 thoughts on “Marketing Cloud : Custom Preference/Profile Center

  1. Hi, Vijaya Sankar N
    I’m currently work on the scenario of Custom Profile/Subscription Centre. But didn’t get any resources to explain. In your content about custom preference centre. I was faced issue like how we can fetch our subscription center (Different Lists) status values using ampscript.

    SET @preference = IIF([Preference], “checked”, “”)
    SET @connection = IIF([Connection], “checked”, “”)
    SET @newsletter = IIF([Send Email Newsletter], “checked”, “”)

    var preference = Platform.Request.GetFormField(‘preference’) || false;
    var connection = Platform.Request.GetFormField(‘connection’) || false;
    var newsletter = Platform.Request.GetFormField(‘newsletter’) || false;

    If I will change this according to my Subscription Centre then in Cloud Page Save/Publish option It will rotate the waiting icon only or we can say stuck & doesn’t proceed to publish

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  2. Hi Vijaya,
    You have well explained the Profile & Preference and really thank you for the same.
    Could you also help on Subscription here.


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