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Marketing Cloud : Trigger Journey Builder From Automation Studio

There are times when we need to integrate both Automation Studio and Journey Builder like sending an email to a set of audience after running a script in a data extension. There are some reasons we need Journey Builder and not Automation Studio to send email:

  1. Utilizing the Splits – Decision, Random, Engagement
  2. Do some updates to the connected SFDC environment like creating a task or a case or updating an object.

However, we cannot execute a script or run an SQL query in Journey Builder. Say, to clean up the Data Extension or merge the Data Extensions before sending the bulk email. In such cases, we may need to rely on the Automation Studio and then call the Journey Builder upon these activities gets completed.

  1. Create an Automation, add the Schedule as the Starting Source. Configure the Schedule to the future time.
  2. Add your desired activity – SQL Query or Script or any other. Make sure you do some operation with any of the Data Extension. This is must for the Journey Builder. When the Data Extension is not selected, we will not be able to trigger the Journey Builder.

Now your Automation Studio should look something like this:

Automation Studio
  1. Create a Journey Builder. Add Data Extension as the Entry Source.
  2. Select the same Data Extension that is used for the activity in the Step 2.
  3. Once the Data Extension is added, You will be able to see the Schedule activity below the Data Extension in the canvas.
Journey Builder – Schedule
  1. On clicking Schedule, we get three types of schedule. We are interested with Automation Type.
Journey Builder – Automation Schedule Type

To be noted, when the Data Extension that has been selected in the Step 2 and Step 4 mismatches, then this option will be disabled.

  1. Click the select after selecting the Automation Schedule Type.
  2. Next, we need to select the automation in the Schedule Summary.
  1. Click the Set Schedule and select the Automation that we created earlier.
  2. Click the summary to select.
  3. Edit the Contact Evaluation to specify which records needs to be processed in the Journey Builder.
    • Evaluate new records only – Journey Builder selects only the new records that has been created since the last run. On selecting, we will still have another option to select all records or only the new records after the Journey Activation for the first run.
    • Evaluate all records – Each time Journey Builder runs, all records from the Data Extension is taken into consideration.
  4. Select the desired option and click Done.
  5. Add other activities like, Email or the flow control or other actions.
  6. As usual, before activating, setup the Journey Settings – Contact Entry, Default Email Address.
  7. Validate the journey before activating. Upon successful validation, click activate.
  8. Now coming back to the Automation Studio, when you reopen it, you will notice a new Audience added as the last step.
Automation Studio with Journey Builder Activity – Audience

That’s it! Save the Automation Studio. You can even run once to verify. Every time Automation Studio is triggered, once after the prior steps are done, Journey Activity gets triggered.

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