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Marketing Cloud : Version Control System for Developers

Apart from Configurations, Email Templates, Code Snippets in Content Blocks, Cloud Pages with SSJS, AMPScript are developer oriented items. A developer like me who always have worked with the version control system would prefer the same in Marketing Cloud. Unfortunately, it does not have an out-of-the box feature that supports Git or other source control systems.

But thanks to the Visual Studio Code extension – vscode-ampscript. There is a workaround for this!

Most Salesforce developers use Visual Studio Code and Salesforce has most extensions to support them! For the Marketing Cloud, with AMPScript Extension by Agadzhanov Sergey, you are now a pro! Here is how you connect Visual Studio Code with Marketing Cloud.

Now, you need a folder that is connected to any of the Source/Version Control system like GitHub or BitBucket. Here is a neat explanation on how to clone a repository.

Open Visual Studio and connect to your Marketing Cloud instance using the MCFS Connection Manager. In the File Explorer you will notice the contents.

Right click on the desired content or the folder or even the entire Content Builder section like this and click Download:

On clicking Download, you will be prompted with the dialog box asking for the location to download the contents. Select the folder where your version/source control is configured.

🎉 Tada! You have got the contents to your Git folder.

  • git add
  • git commit
  • git push

You are done!

4 thoughts on “Marketing Cloud : Version Control System for Developers

  1. Is there a way to add Automation studio, and perhaps other parts of the marketing cloud? This by itself is already a fantastic feature but I would love to extend the possibilities!


      1. Hey Vijaya, thanks for the article. I am having trouble downloading all the files in this connector. I can download all of my content-builder folders but all the files that are within those folders do not download locally. Also, when we make changes with these files and commit and merge changes do they then show up in SFMC, or do I have to just edit in the connector and there is really no point in connecting to github? Thanks!


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