I, God fearing with dynamic personality, adaptable to changing situations. Strongly believe in Christ.

I do like to develop window and web applications, code for solving logical problems!

I strongly believe in being true to myself and being myself. Prefer to Stand out of the crowd. My way – Be a leader than being a follower. Yet I learn from others by perceiving their characters and actions. I don’t care criticisms but will turn to it if something needs a change in me.

Curious to learn things around me to keep myself updated. Will execute my ideas wherever possible. Just wanted to win by my strategy, don’t care who gets the credit.

  • Energetic, competent and economical
  • Hate doing things that I hate
  • Help and motivate others for right cause
  • Think a lot but depend on Jesus for execution
  • Would find way to avoid unwanted gatherings
  • Love contributing for Tamil Language

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