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FullCalendar : Hide dates of previous and next month

FullCalendar by default displays the dates of past and next month. This shows 6 rows on the view. Sometimes, when the complete last week (6th row) will be next month’s dates would have lesser desire for the users. Example: April 2019

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Salesforce Lightning : Get attribute of the elements – Event Handling

To get the attributes of elements that has been targeted (which element has been clicked), we can use two ways:

  1. event.getSource()
  2. and event.currentTarget
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Chained data using single SQL Query (Fixed Length)

In e-commerce sites and in other applications, database sometimes will be designed in such a way that single table has child records in a chained fashion. Like, while defining a Product Type, Category and Sub-Category. A Sub-Category points to a Category in a same table and Category points to a Product Type in a same table. This Chained table has a format of Grand Parent, Parent and Child in same table as:

id parent_id name
1 0 John
2 1 Jacob
3 2 James
4 0 Jessie
5 4 Jemimah
6 5 Julia

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Workaround for failed loading of images

Images that depend on server-side loading fails sometimes due to multiple reasons, like image is not present, location might be wrong, browser fails to load or process the image. All these returns 404 as HTTP status. This breaks the image placeholder too. Using JQuery, the broken image can be replaced with the error placeholder image with this simple JQuery snippet:

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