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FullCalendar : Hide dates of previous and next month

FullCalendar by default displays the dates of past and next month. This shows 6 rows on the view. Sometimes, when the complete last week (6th row) will be next month’s dates would have lesser desire for the users. Example: April 2019

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Sublime Text Plugins : Developer must haves

Sublime Text is a popular, fast, text editor with multiple features suitable for developers who love to code swiftly. I love Sublime!

Following are the list of plugins that might help every developer to make the most out of Sublime Text:

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An ordinary developer to an efficient developer

A developer is the base key person to bring out a usable product. For a product to be usable, it should meet the quality; it should be efficient enough for the end user. Efficient products can be developed only by the efficient developer. So, being an efficient developer is much more important than being an ordinary developer. Following are the ways, how an ordinary developer can turn extraordinary.

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