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Be An Impact Maker Wherever You Are

A pinch of salt enhances the flavor of the food we eat. You need not be a big influencer or a big player or a big head to create an impact. Be it work or fun, wherever you are, change the situation, change the people, change everything!

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Position Matters

Finding a Positive in Negative
Finding a Negative in Positive

Above two sentence has the same number of words and the same words. But the arrangement of the words create a complete twist. Former is an optimist while the latter is pessimist. Yes the POSITION matters!

Life is all about where we position things, where we position ourselves. Things tend to get upside down based on where we sit in the crowd just like these words – Positive and Negative. We can be a life-giver or a life-sucker, a winner or a loser, a joy giver or a sadist.

Wherever you are, remember you are not alone, you need to depend on someone and someone needs to depend on you. Life is full of people, try to consider the rest and put yourself in the place where everyone shares the happiness, joy, pleasure.

My favorite book – Holy Bible teaches: “Each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. (Philippians 2:4)” and “Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor. (1 Corinthians 10:24)”

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Think out of bounds

Two out of three windows in my room was open, middle window with thick wooden border remained closed. When I was reading Bible, heard a buzzing sound. I saw a small fly constantly trying to get out of the room through the middle window. It was circulating around the translucent window for long time. Whenever it touched the border, it took its route back. It couldn’t until that middle window was opened.

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Two types of winners : How they help others win


To others: I have struggled so hard to achieve this, it was not achieved overnight, so you have to undergo these struggles to achieve.
In mind: How can one achieve easily, I went through too many hard times. They can win only when they too pass through them.


To others: I have struggled so hard to achieve this, but here is how you can do so that you will not struggle a lot to achieve.
In mind: Huff, I struggled hard without proper guidance, let us help others to achieve. Why should they too struggle without such guidance?

A person’s Leadership skill is based on one of this type

Being at the top is better than being one among others

Have skill-set to shine? Then join a workplace where you can prove your skill-set.

Choose the one which is growing than the one which has already grown. Latter has more people like you, where you would be one among them. But the former would have less probability of having much like you. Prove and be the leader there!

Already the leader? Target the next target higher than yours.

Never stop!