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Lenovo Touchpad Fix : Double Tap Not Working

With the newly purchased Lenovo V15 model, Synaptics Driver was installed, but it wasn’t showing in the mouse properties. Unfortunately, Double Tap to open the context menu was not working. I had to click on the right click button to open it. I love the silent key press and this created click noise and wasn’t much user-friendly

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Windows 10: Fix 0x80070422 Error

This is the error code that randomly occurs in Windows 10 when Windows Update service is not available for some reason. This error will prevent Windows Store application to install. Even some software that includes auto-update functionality like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Creative Suite throws C191 error code. Following are the steps to fix. You can try one by one and try with the installation. You may need to restart the system after every step to verify if things are working properly.

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