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WannaCry – A ransomware

What is WannaCry?

WannaCry (also known as WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r 2.0, Wanna Decryptor) is a ransomware program targeted on Microsoft Systems as on May 12, 2017. It is said that more than 2 lac systems were infected in more than 150 countries. Most affected in Russia (>70%) followed by Ukraine (<10%) and India (<10%). It demands a ransom of $300 payable as Bitcoin along with warning that the sum will be doubled in 3 days. It encrypts important files in the computer, locks them up from decrypting and preventing access to it, changes the desktop’s wallpaper to textual warning along with the desktop program with detailed explanation in almost all 28 major languages.

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The Ideal Team Player : Key points

From the book:

The Ideal Team Player
How to recognize and cultivate the three essential virtues


In The Ideal Team Player, Lencioni cracks the nut – virtues, an ideal team player must possess through a short tale. He begins with Jeff Shanley, who takes in-charge of his uncle – Bob’s company to continue his business with success, committing to its traditional teamwork approach. He, along with his companions – Bobby and Clare, figure out the virtues  of a team player, to hire new employees for their upcoming project.

Not extending the tale too much, no sooner Jeff figures out the virtues after some trial, Lencioni cut shorts the tale and starts suggesting a load of practical guidance for identifying, hiring and developing real ideal team players. This makes this book compelling to improve self and organization where you live!

Read more to find the definitions and key points which Lencioni defines in his book.

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Want to be happy? Be grateful

Enjoyed this TED Talk :
Want to be happy? Be grateful by David Steindl-Rast

It’s gratefulness that makes you happy

Opportunity is the gift within every gift

Opportunity doesn’t knock only once, but every moment is an opportunity

Nothing makes us more happy than when all of us are happy

1. Stop – have multiple stops in your life
2. Look – Open your senses, look and enjoy everything given to us. Open hearts for opportunities
3. Go – Opportunities invite us to do something

Grateful people are joyful people