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Marketing Cloud : Contact Deletion Process

Deletion of contact(s) removes the contact information from the Marketing Cloud completely from All Subscribers, Mobile Connect, Mobile Push, and Contact Builder. Once the deletion request is initiated, those contacts that needs to be deleted enters the Suppression Period before it gets deleted.

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Marketing Cloud : Version Control System for Developers

Apart from Configurations, Email Templates, Code Snippets in Content Blocks, Cloud Pages with SSJS, AMPScript are developer oriented items. A developer like me who always have worked with the version control system would prefer the same in Marketing Cloud. Unfortunately, it does not have an out-of-the box feature that supports Git or other source control systems.

But thanks to the Visual Studio Code extension – vscode-ampscript. There is a workaround for this!

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Marketing Cloud : Trigger Journey Builder From Automation Studio

There are times when we need to integrate both Automation Studio and Journey Builder like sending an email to a set of audience after running a script in a data extension. There are some reasons we need Journey Builder and not Automation Studio to send email:

  1. Utilizing the Splits – Decision, Random, Engagement
  2. Do some updates to the connected SFDC environment like creating a task or a case or updating an object.

However, we cannot execute a script or run an SQL query in Journey Builder. Say, to clean up the Data Extension or merge the Data Extensions before sending the bulk email. In such cases, we may need to rely on the Automation Studio and then call the Journey Builder upon these activities gets completed.

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Audit Trail in Marketing Cloud

Audit Trail is required in various scenarios even as part of compliance. Tracking user logins, changes made by the users to the roles and permissions and security settings is available as an additional feature (optional) in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can enable Audit Trail in Setup > Security > Security Settings. You can find “Enable Audit Logging Data Collection” – Enable it.

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Connect VS Code with Marketing Cloud

For Marketing Cloud developers who used to and wanted to have the features of IDE, the default browser based editor is a nightmare to edit long scripts. Here comes a savior for those!

Now you can connect your Marketing Cloud with your local Visual Studio Code with a super simple extension – AMPscript by Agadzhanov Sergey.

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LWC Specialist Superbadge : Guide to Challenges

One of the special superbadge by Salesforce through Trailhead – Lightning Web Components Specialist. Right from the prerequisites, every module and challenge is a nicely curated contents to master Lightning Web Components (LWC). This superbadge in specific helps building reusable granular components. In fact, you need to have better coding style to pass the challenges.

Continue reading to see the prerequisites and guide to arrive at the solution faster.

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