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12 Principles for Managing Problems Positively

[Extracted from the book – Tough Times Never Lost, But Tough People Do! by Robert H. Schuller. Added a very little of my thoughts]

Are you in a problem today? Is your problem really any different from any other problem? Or are there universal principles that we can apply to your current problem as to almost every other serious problem?

Yes, there are universal principles that can help manage any problem. Every living human being has problems. You do too. Learn to manage them. If you have a problem today – any problem – this can help: Principle for Managing Problems Positively! 

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Few keys for successful and happier life

Its everyone’s desire to achieve something in this world. But the world that we live is a competitive one. To accomplish something, one has to compete with many. Before competing with others, it is necessary to compete with self. Competing with self here means, challenge yourself to do better than your previous attempt. Just beat your own records. Simply do the best you can. Never get satisfied with your achievements.

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