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Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience

Enjoyed this TED Talk:
Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience by Jason Shen

Jason Shen shares some new thinking on how the hiring systems that was built around 20th century are failing and causing us to miss out people with incredible potential. He proposes how job seekers can make themselves more attractive and why employers should look for ability over credentials.

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Salesforce Apex : Writing Unit Test for ContentDocument

Salesforce’s SObject – ContentDocument supports only SELECT and DELETE operation. However INSERTing the document may be needed for writing Unit Tests which is not supported. There needs to be a workaround for it.

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Lightning Component : Is it in Community or in Lightning Page?

To check if the Lightning component is in Lightning Community Page or in Salesforce Lightning CRM page, we can make use of Site Class‘s method – getSiteType().

This returns String value as:


Return Value

Lightning Platform



Lightning Platform Communities

ChatterNetwork Communities


CRM (Lightning Page)


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12 Principles for Managing Problems Positively

[Extracted from the book – Tough Times Never Lost, But Tough People Do! by Robert H. Schuller. Added a very little of my thoughts]

Are you in a problem today? Is your problem really any different from any other problem? Or are there universal principles that we can apply to your current problem as to almost every other serious problem?

Yes, there are universal principles that can help manage any problem. Every living human being has problems. You do too. Learn to manage them. If you have a problem today – any problem – this can help: Principle for Managing Problems Positively! 

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Two types of winners : How they help others win


To others: I have struggled so hard to achieve this, it was not achieved overnight, so you have to undergo these struggles to achieve.
In mind: How can one achieve easily, I went through too many hard times. They can win only when they too pass through them.


To others: I have struggled so hard to achieve this, but here is how you can do so that you will not struggle a lot to achieve.
In mind: Huff, I struggled hard without proper guidance, let us help others to achieve. Why should they too struggle without such guidance?

A person’s Leadership skill is based on one of this type