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Marketing Cloud : File Transfer Activity in Automation Studio

File Transfer activity in the Automation Studio is used to securely transfer files between the file locations – Safehouse and FTP Locations. Read more to know the how to create the activity and manage the files.

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Audit Trail in Marketing Cloud

Audit Trail is required in various scenarios even as part of compliance. Tracking user logins, changes made by the users to the roles and permissions and security settings is available as an additional feature (optional) in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can enable Audit Trail in Setup > Security > Security Settings. You can find “Enable Audit Logging Data Collection” – Enable it.

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Connect VS Code with Marketing Cloud

For Marketing Cloud developers who used to and wanted to have the features of IDE, the default browser based editor is a nightmare to edit long scripts. Here comes a savior for those!

Now you can connect your Marketing Cloud with your local Visual Studio Code with a super simple extension – AMPscript by Agadzhanov Sergey.

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